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The Bleriot XI-2 Model Aeroplane

In 2012 when the Project was set up, Project Member and Bloobirds Model Aeroclub Member Peter Paine found a quarter scale model kit of a Bleriot XI bis 2 for sale.  It was of the type that Harriet bought and took to America with her after her successful Channel crossing. 

We had to buy it! 

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Bleriot XI Model

Some views of the Bleriot XI currently being made by HQCP member Pete Paine. Skin going on this week, and model engine next week. This fantastic model will be on display at Dover Transport Museum when completed, which will give his long-suffering wife Pam her dining table back! Thanks for all your efforts, Pete - looking great!

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HQ at T3?

Whilst travelling out to Thailand for a recent holiday, our Chairman Martin and Ann visited the new Oriel Restaurant in the Heathrow Terminal 3 Departure Lounge.  Martin realised from the photos displayed on the walls that the place had a vintage transport theme about it. But, imagine the surprise, when they found that they had unexpectedly sat beneath a photo of Harriet!

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Orientation Board

Fresh off the presses, this is the new Orientation Board featuring the story of Harriet Quimby and the Blériot XI plane, which she flew on her historic flight across the Channel.  We've had two copies made, one is on display at Dover Transport Museum, the other is on display at The Shuttleworth Vintage Aircraft Collection near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire where you will be able to see the oldest flying original Bleriot XI, plus the contemporary Blackburn and Depperdusin monoplanes; and sectioned exhibits of the unique ‘Gnome’ Rotary Engines.  In addition, and to further your research, visit the Hendon RAF Museum where Harriet is now also honoured on the aviation timeline exhibit.  There are two contemporary Bleriot aircraft at Hendon too.  One is a standard Bleriot XI, but fitted with a seven cylinder Radial engine, the second is a Bleriot XXVII Racing Version which is fitted with the standard seven cylinder ‘Gnome’ Rotary Engine.

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A Quimby Quilt

This is a small (24" x 24") quilt that was completed in early February 2014 by HQCP committee member Michelle Cooper; it depicts Harriet Quimby with the years of her life in the top left corner, a silhouette of a Bleriot XI plane which she used on her solo flight across the Channel in April 1912 in the top right corner and a The Harriet Quimby Centenary Project pin badge just by her left shoulder.

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