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Orientation Board

Fresh off the presses, this is the new Orientation Board featuring the story of Harriet Quimby and the Blériot XI plane, which she flew on her historic flight across the Channel.  We've had two copies made, one is on display at Dover Transport Museum, the other is on display at The Shuttleworth Vintage Aircraft Collection near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire where you will be able to see the oldest flying original Bleriot XI, plus the contemporary Blackburn and Depperdusin monoplanes; and sectioned exhibits of the unique ‘Gnome’ Rotary Engines.  In addition, and to further your research, visit the Hendon RAF Museum where Harriet is now also honoured on the aviation timeline exhibit.  There are two contemporary Bleriot aircraft at Hendon too.  One is a standard Bleriot XI, but fitted with a seven cylinder Radial engine, the second is a Bleriot XXVII Racing Version which is fitted with the standard seven cylinder ‘Gnome’ Rotary Engine.

Special emphasis has been placed on the role of Blériot XI aircraft in the early years of World War 1; in both museums a special WW1 display is being put together to mark the centenary of the outbreak of The Great War, and our orientation boards form an integral part of those displays.

We are grateful to both The Dover Transport Museum and The Shuttleworth Collection for their co-operation, to Whitfield Parish for their generous assistance in funding these boards and to Absolute Graphix & its proprietor Rick Jones for doing such a tremendous job.  Our thanks also to our member Karine for her diligence with translating the script into French.

The orientation board is pictured with Absolute Graphix owner, and designer of the boards, Rick Jones.  Absolute Graphix made the boards.

One of the orientation boards in place at Dover Transport Museum (taken by our Junior Mascot, Océanne).

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