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HQ at T3?

Whilst travelling out to Thailand for a recent holiday, our Chairman Martin and Ann visited the new Oriel Restaurant in the Heathrow Terminal 3 Departure Lounge.  Martin realised from the photos displayed on the walls that the place had a vintage transport theme about it. But, imagine the surprise, when they found that they had unexpectedly sat beneath a photo of Harriet!

Martin asked the Manager where the photo had come from.  This serendipitous event has led to contact being made with the owners of the restaurant who have offered to support our cause, but this has not been verified as yet, and our suggestion to include an 'information panel' next to the photo of Harriet has been agreed.

The London based Interior Designer, Afroditi Krassa was responsible for the design of the restaurant.  One more surprise! Many of Afroditi's artworks are similar in style to our 'Tribute to Harriet' sculpture! Look at her website, Confirmation of her support has not been gained as yet as formal arrangements to meet her have to be established.  However, we are sure that she will be prepared to support our cause.

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