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Letter from Michael Hamel-Green

Gustav Hamel: It was Gustav Hamel who was instrumental in Harriet's success by providing valuable help to her prior to, and on the day of her flight.  Our Chairman has recently found via the internet, the great nephew of Gustav Hamel, his name is Michael Hamel-Green who lives in Melbourne, Australia.  His correspondence is copied below:


Dear Martin,

Yes, Gustav Hamel was my great-uncle. My grandmother, Anna Adams (nee Hamel) was Gustav's sister. I grew up on the exploits of Gustav, especially his flying the first airmail letters (there was a commemoration post office stamp issue in England last year including pictures of Gustav). I think I do have a photo of Gustav assisting Harriet on this flight. I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I am an academic at Victoria University, and I visit England every year or so (I will probably do so again later this year). The real expert on Gustav and this period of aviation is Catherine Evans, who is writing a biography of Gustav, and lives near Grantham. With your consent, I will forward your email to her, and I am sure she would greatly appreciate being in contact with you and this project. There is nothing she does not know about what Gustav was doing on each day of his all-too-short short life.

Regards, Michael

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