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Welcome to the home page of The Harriet Quimby Centenary Project;  in these few pages we hope to tell you the story of a brave pioneer of aviation whom you may never have heard of.  If you haven’t done so already, please watch Andy Jones’ short introductory film and familiarise yourself with the bare bones of a true story telling of courage and spirit, the story of a young woman whose name should rival those of Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart as the greatest of early female pilots.

We’d like to erect a statue in memory of Harriet Quimby and to tell her story to people young and old all around the world so that she becomes recognised for the brave hearted spirit she was.  To do so,  please support us by reading through these pages and passing her story on. Alternatively, visit the Dover Transport Museum and see first-hand, our fabulous scale model of the Bleriot XI-2 and other items of the display associated with Harriet.

The extraordinary story of Harriet Quimby's pioneering achievement can also be told in an illustrated short talk format for no fee.  Please contact Martin Young.

Welcome again.  Read on, and learn the story of a woman generations ahead of her time….

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